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Audio Media Network

The new age audio ad tech platform serving the full spectrum of consumers and bringing digital advertising technology to traditional mobile audio.


Our Story

Audio Media Network is an audio ad-tech platform connecting advertisers with end users on the back of content publishers and creators. It is a collection of multiple end user audio products on both traditional mobile audio (GSM) and digital audio (app) mediums. We aim to bring technology learning’s and insights from digital advertising platforms to the traditional mobile audio medium and provide both publishers and advertisers with a unified interface to interact with the full spectrum of end users.


Content is King, FACT!! The Audio Media Network provides content creators and publishers:

  • A means of distributing and monetizing their content via multiple end users services on both IVRs and Apps.
  • A world class near real-time analytics dashboard providing data on both the content and the end users; designed to help publishers optimize their content and increase user engagement and stickiness.
Audio Media Network
Audio Media Network


AMN is a new advertisement medium which competes with Radio; rather as the team believes, it is 10x better than Radio. For advertisers AMN provides:

  • Campaign setup, tracking and reporting capabilities similar to any world class DSP.
  • End user analytics including demographics and location and.
  • Complete transparency during campaign setup, budget consumption and end user analytics..

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